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About SociaLabra
SociaLabra is a technology developer focused on social networks and analytics. The company is creating an 'always on' market research platform that turns data into interest-based niche audiences that brands can engage on-demand. In turn, consumers are provided opportunity to help build better products, services and messaging in alignment with brands' goals while earning rewards.
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"SociaLabra is right at the center of the social revolution in market research and analytics. I am delighted to be able help them bring their vision to market."
Simon Chadwick
Editor-in-Chief, Research World
SociaLabra Advisors
Simon Chadwick, Managing Partner Cambiar Consulting, Editor-in-Chief Research World
Mark K. Updegrove, Former VP Sales, Marketing and Operations Yahoo! Canada, US Publisher Newsweek, President Time Canada
Rowland Hanson, Former VP Corporate Communications Microsoft, Director Strategic Partnerships, Microsoft Alumni Foundation
Geoffrey Rowan, Partner and Managing Director, Ketchum Public Relations Canada
Amy Charles, SVP Ipsos-Reid
Bill Sharpe, Chairman HAVAS Worldwide Toronto
SociaLabra Team
Josef Zankowicz, CEO
Five start-ups to IPO; marketing and social media savant; led MGI Software to $1.5B market cap
Vernon Lun (PhD), CTO
Led technology teams and development at 4 start-ups which were acquired by U.S. interests
Stewart Davis, COO
Grew IT start-up to $400MM+ in sales & 1,000's of employees.
Tony Ashe, VP Sales
Led GuestLogix sales to #1 market position among NA airlines
Ken Killin, CFO
Managed over $500MM in tech M&A